The Wonderful Gifts For Kids!!

Gifts are not only about the expensive items ,.infact they symbolise a true emotions. It is very much concerned by the need and choice of receiver..The choices differ according to the age
period. If we talk about the kids that what are the best one for them ,our mind fills with

Since kids are not able to express themselves like matured ones so it is difficult to get their likes or dislikes easily..

But after a long time of observation on this we can conclude many ideas about the items which
are the most wonderful gifts for kids…

Kids choices are influenced by the environment in which they are living.

kids gift play

Kids are like blank paper they write everything from what they observe from outside
environment. The healthy environment plays a vital role in the development of their mind . The
choices are different for rural and urban kids.


In urban cities the society is well educated and have a good financial situation. Parents always prefer expensive gifts to match the social status . But in making of such ideas they should be confident that whatever the gifts they are prefering always have a right impact on the mentality of their kids because it plays a role in the proper development of their kids.

Mostly it is observed that cities kids like electronic gadgets like battery operated toys.. colourful bags ,costumes of their superheroes they watch in the televisions..They also like funny cartoon books ,colourful crayons and likes to play with it.

Some expensive items which i am listing are automatic battery car, battery operated aeroplanes.

Mind puzzles toys like cube boxes ,indoor games are very good gifts as they enhance the
visualising power of children..

Now coming to the rural kids..they mostly prefer the foody items like chocalates ,sweets..
As their parents doesn’t prefer very expensive gifts so the low budget gifts which are mostly preferred for the rural kids are the following.

chocalates for kids

The village kids doesnot get very good exposure to the field of education very early like the
cities kids. So the most valuable gifts for them are the study items like pencil boxes ,attractive pencils notebooks ,water colours etc

A gift is what that has some great impact on the personality of kids and make them 8go one
step ahead to their development. The choices may also different with the gender .as the girl kids like Barbie dolls, kitchen kits like items .

Barbie dolls

Boys kids generally preferred the playing items like badminton ,cricket bats etc

badminton ,cricket bats

It is observed in the modern era that the parents are able to expend their money but not have
the enough time to spend with their kids…Remember only gifts are not what the children need
for their joy and for their growth .They also need a lovable environment and the quality time of
their parents so that they can learn the good things from their elders . The quality time of
parents will be the most wonderful and most valuable gift for any kids either in the rural or
urban places .

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