Woman’s Era: Beauty and make up Trends for 2018

2017 has its own share of Beauty trends thanks to the Korean Innovation Market. But 2018, has more in store for all the makeup enthusiast and budding beauty professionals. So let’s brace our self for what’s in store.
Mask Away
After the last year’s craze over sheet masks, Bubble masks have already made their way into the beauty market. With trending hashtags like #Sunday facials and selfie addiction, the masks are the next big thing. Bubble masks are fun way to get a smoother and dirt free skin within a short frame of time. Also funny selfies and insta posts make it even better.
The ‘Y’ Zone is the next ‘T’ zone
All of us are well familiar with products that focuses T zone. Whether it’s grooming products that help rid of the oil extracts, or make up products which focused on providing a mirror look, it’s time re organize our attention areas. But 2018 is all set to ignore the T zone cause the “Y’ zone is where latest attention needs to be given. It’s time to focus on our lower faces and throat .A whole range of anti sagging skincare is set to win hearts of people looking for a more sculpted and defined face.

Thumb Print eyeliner Look
It’s time to tame the cat in you. The cat eyeliner look no doubt made us look absolutely adorable yet irresistible is replaced by the new thumb impression look. Post Lady gaga’s appearance at Grammy Awards, this style has been getting a lot of attention with other celebrity like Selena Gomez and international models spotting in this look at functions and shows. And best part? The two wing shapes don’t have to be the same but similar. Imagine the time not spent on fretting over precise wings. So save your time and embrace this beauty trend. Simply add a graphic element to your eye by applying the gel from the outer corner of your eye towards the inner corner of your eye with the aim of giving a soft hugging look at the edges.

Metalic lipshades
2018 I s the year of Metallic Lipshades. If you bare a regular employee and tired of repetitive shades of browns and pinks to match your formal attire, then it’s time for you to rejoice. With Mac’s range of metallic shades of lip colour, the norm has changed. No more glossy eye grabbing colors this office party. Look more sophisticated with variety of metallic colors this year.

Active Beauty Buys
After the fit life trend in full sync, the beauty industry is targeting the regular gym goers with a range of products for pre and post exercise regimes that take care of excess sweat related irritation with Clinque adding a special range for professional gym enthusiasts. It’s time that one doesn’t adapt to the fit life without the must have breathable make up products now offered by various brands.

Are you ready for what 2018 has in store ?

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