Does video game hurts our children?

Wondering how the life aspects have changed over period of time? Knowing the world around, adapting the technologies revolving around the world and around you has now turn out to be prime need. Among all the phases of life, childhood has turn out to be crucial one, and the aspects of childhood amusement have been now very techno dependent, kids are now easily exposed to video games, mobile games, tablets, computers, and many other gadgets.
Video games are most accessible gadgets for kids. They are very keen to enjoy their time playing video games.

But as parent one is always concerned regarding ill effects of video games,
Well, if we talk about ill effects of excessive addiction of kids over video games, health issue as such strain and carpal tunnel syndrome–pain and numbness that your child may feel in his wrists, hands, shoulders and elbows.

In terms of behavior with family and friends, Relationships with friends and family members may suffer if your child is spending more time gaming than he is talking with or being with parents, then he might get cut off from parents and may fail to be expressive. Moreover he might experience increase in aggression.

But all these issues can be overcome with a simple solution of parental guidance by setting up time limit for kids to play games or by giving kids a limited access.
Moreover making kids aware about many other aspects of enjoying childhood without getting more habitual to gadgets.

Yes, it’s a must that kids should use trending gadgets and they should be aware about technology that every one is exposed to but use should be restricted to the time!

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