Valentine’s week gift ideas you should know

Since, the ancient time people have been celebrating this festival of love. The most romantic time of the year has come, show love and affection to your partner. So this is the time to get excited and shower the love on your beloved partner. Each and every day of the week holds a new opportunity to relish the love with your partner. We have some startling ideas for this week which will make your partner overjoyed with love.

7th February 2018Rose day – Greeks and Romans associates rose with the love of God. Roses are used as a means by which you can communicate your unspoken feelings. So, on this day you should give red roses to your partner. You can make this even more special by selecting huge heart shaped bunch or chocolate rose bouquet will be more exotic. You can surprise her by sending the bouquet to her workplace and making her feel special. Order a captivating basket of red roses.

8th February 2018Propose day – This day is for you to confess your love to your partner. You can write vows for each other. You can make this day even more memorable and breath-taking for your partner by going down on your knees. Set the mood right by taking your love out for a late-night movie or candle-light dinner. To make the day even more memorable, you can cook dinner for and set the table exclusively for both of you.

9th February 2018Chocolate day – Every person loves to eat chocolates specially women. It is a “love drug” as it arouses feelings which are like the feeling of being in love. So boost up the feeling of your partner by gifting a heart shaped chocolate box. Make this even more remarkable and memorable by baking a chocolate cake or muffin yourself. So wear your cooking hat as it will really impress your partner. You can also gift this velvet fine heart chocolate box.

10th February 2018Teddy day – There is not a single girl who would not say “Awww” looking at a teddy. So boys do not forget to gift a teddy on this day. A big teddy perfect gift to cuddle when you are missing your partner. Express the cute side of your love by gifting the cutest teddy that you find. This be mine shaggy cuddles teddy is a perfect gift.

11th February 2018Promise day – It is very important to have commitment in your relationship. There is nothing better to have a commitment with a promise. Make a promise for endless journey if you are sure that you have the right person and want to spend your life together. Add even more spice by gifting a ring, bracelet or chain. Even better if you write the message in a bottle as it will be romantic just like the movie.

12th February 2018Hug day – Getting a tight hug from your partner is the most comforting feeling in the world. It brings out the reminiscence of the past and good memories. Taking each other in arms is a gesture of trust and care. You can also give hugging couple figurine, hugging teddy or a card. Gift this willow tree hug figurine.

13th February 2018Kiss day – After making the previous days so special and romantic both of you will be longing for a passionate kiss. Start by kissing on the forehead and if you feel your partner is ready then go for more passionate kiss. You can come up with exotic ideas like cooking or opening a bottle of wine. You can gift kissing teddy, kissing figurine, kiss day card etc.

14 – February 2018Valentine’s Day – Finally the day is here! After making the whole week special, make this day extra special. Make this day entertaining and exciting by sweet surprises. You can gift small things like personalised mugs, fridge magnet, cushions, T-shirts etc. The most amazing thing that you can give this Valentine’s Day is your time. Take a leave from work and spend the whole day together. You can make your partner even happier by gifting him/her handmade like Valentine’s Day card, paper Mache etc. So celebrate this Valentine’s day with these amazing ideas.

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