Tips to protect face from Sun

#beautyconsicoiusss #beautycentric #beautiful #lookgood #selflove are few of trending hash tags prevailing worldwide & these tags are true in context of present scenario, where looking smart is fairly more important than looking good.

To look smart never means to be spotlessly & flawlessly beautiful, widely it relates more to carry yourself gracefully & admire your beauty. All compliments around world are useless if you yourself don’t admire your beauty. To admire also means to take care of yourself because ultimately taking care matters a lot.

In today’s time if I would be little more girly I would say ‘Pamper your features!’

Wondering how you would manage to pamper your feature with hectic schedule, hustle & bustle… along with playing plenty of roles in life say a sister, mother, daughter, and employee much more. Sometimes we are just in need of right tip or advice which is easy enough to follow along with such tedious tussle of life.

Well let me put it up session of day wise!

Sunny morning can’t harm you much but sunrays can!

Well Half knowledge can be dangerous! Being exposed to sun rays serves with endless benefits, it helps strengthen your immune system, supplies vitamin D, and good for skin. Sunrays till 10:00AM serves with ample of benefits but after that positive effects starts to nullify. And keeps today’s life tussle in mind, it’s not possible to avoid going out all the time, so let’s find out way out of it. Home Home Home whole day can’t be securely spend at home…Hack for it is whenever you go out of home don’t forget to apply sun screen, Ph which suits your skin can act as boon in league of protecting your skin. Repeatedly apply sun screen after every regular interval of time say after every 120minutes.

Your Shades can save your eye skins!

Carry on your shades every time you are exposed to sun because carrying simple sun shades can let the skin near your eyes set at rest. And it easy to carry as well cheap tip to get protected. Then after beauty lotions and cream can also serve purpose. Face mask can help but only to extend of covering face. Immediately use wet tissue after directly getting exposed to rays.

Lips need extra care!

Use lip balm and lipstick which has balanced Ph. Which helps your lips to get enough amount of oxygen as well. And it shall also help your lips to heal up deal cells along with being protected from sun rays.

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