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Alter query is user to change the structure of a database table if it has been created and though it has some data .The alter table gives us the facility to delete,add,rename columns and create/destroy indexes as well as change the data type of already existing table. Adding Column with ALTER TABLE STATEMENT The syntax to alter table is :ALTER TABLE tablename ADD COLUMN colname coltype; T


As every language have its own syntax how it can be written .Syntax is nothing but a set of rules that define how MYSQL understand. let us assume some body wrote first sentence left next sentence top and so on. Since he is not following the correct syntax so it is doubtful that anyone would read and understand it.My SQL is not different to from other language that follow a specific synta


Mysql support view from version 5.x, View features gives the sign of SQL standard 2003. View is nothing but a virtual table on based on result set of an MYSQL statement. Its also have rows and column like a real table but the field s in view may be one or more than one tables in the same database. we can apply MYSQL function on view it seems like a single table. View queries process in two wa

Basic of MySQL

MYSQL is a database as other databases like MS Excel,MS-SQL,ORACAL,PL-SQL .MYSQL is freeopen source database management system .It has good reputation in terms of performance , reliability,and ease of use.MySQL is most popular now a days. A Database is nothing but storage place to keep things for security and further use. Technologically a database is a place to store information. As informatio