Skin Whitening:Herbal product for skin fairness

With high levels of pollution and busy schedules, we often forget to pause and think. With advertisements surrounding us we all are tricked into buying brands whose jingle composers were spot on or advertisers who got the color scheme right. In a world of depleting natural elements, let’s bring back the herbal way of living by making smart and well informed choices. Let’s incorporate the ayurvedic benefits of ingredients by making these products a part of our daily life.

Karma Ayurveda’s Khush Soap
This handmade soap is perfect combination of Coconut Oil and Vertiever oil that helps restore the Ph balance of the skin by imparting a cool earthly fragrance. Also available in Rose fragrance. This soap will help you get the soft, smooth and nourished skin from finger to toes. If you have a specific need, Karma ayurvedic has range of soaps like sugar and tamarind for oil free skin, as well as vanilla and oatmeal for exfoliation for and even red sandalwood to fight signs of aging. They even have specific ranges for men and pregnant women.

A natural face and body Scrub
Get rid of your blackheads and whiteheads with simple to apply Walnut Face scrub by Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Range or invest in Karma Ayurvedic’s One year before marriage scrub that helps get rid of irritation and damaged sun tanned skin.

Khadi’s Hair Care range
The hair Care Range comprises of three elements. The rosemary & Henna hair oil prevents hair thinning and hair fall. The amla & Bhringraj Shampoo helps taming fizzy hair and the conditioner induced with Green Tea Aloe Vera properties that prevents premature grey hair and gives a polished look. The best part, the hair range is extremely budget friendly with just 500 Rs packages.

Patanajali’s Aloe Vera Gel
The recently profit making company that arose to fame, provides its customer the “shudh” part of the products. The skin and beauty regime, boasts of Aloe Vera Gel whose soothing abilities provide a refreshed experience by reducing acne breakouts and get rids of any kind of scars and spots with regular usage. And to say the least, is pocket friendly.

Kama Ayuverveda’s Lavanya Natural Plant mask
This face mask helps clean the skin from any environmental pollutants. The blood purifier, Lodhra with extracts of flag removes dirt and gunk from our pores and helps reduce skin coloration and pigmentation.

Kama Ayurveda’s Jamine Rosewater Cleanser
This cleanser helps restore the freshness of your face. It can help removes impurities and dirt with a dab and makes one look brighter within seconds. It is also available in rose and Lime green fragrances.

Make your skin and others fall in love with you!

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