SEO Strategies That Really Work after the Penguin Update

The rumor “SEO is dying” is completely false.  SEO cannot die and will never die. If you understand the best meaning of “SEO”, you will not believe in the rumor.

The fact is that some traditional and well established SEO link building techniques have died only. After the Google Panda update, Google penguin update which has come in late April 2012, has drastically penalized the websites who were engaged in Black Hat and spam practices. Link exchange, paid links, the usage of link networks and participation in link schemes are a few things that Google criticized and found them worst strategies to build links.

Sites that were getting a huge traffic in a day have noticed a drastic decrease in their traffic.

What should be your strategies?  

It is an important point to think. The best thing is to keep yourself update with Google guidelines and never ever try to cross these guidelines. Remember, Google is quite strict these days regarding any black hat practices. A single fault and bad practice can decrease your website traffic.

If you notice a drastic decrease in your visitor, it’s better to know the reasons behind it. Try to consider the problem right now instead of waiting for the next update of Google. Remember, every month Google comes with new updates. The best thing is that your SEO method should be pure. You should to give consideration to your website presentation, pages and content. These three things are a key to success and fight with the Google Penguin and Panda updates.

Now the time has come, when you are in a mission to get quality link. Gathering so many links from bad practices will not tolerate by the search engine giant.

If you are a blogger and want to maximize traffic on your website, it’s better to specialize yourself in a field. Don’t try to be a mix blogger who writes in all niches. If you show yourself expertise in a field, Google will not disturb your day to day increasing traffic rate and consider your information valuable to readers. You will also get authorship from Google. You can do article marketing which is the backbone of SEO but ensure about the niche of the directory. Guest posting can be possible. It is one of the best ways to build quality links.

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