Places To Visit Before You Die

The world is filled with exotic places which most people do not have access to. Granted that visiting a new place can be an expensive affair, especially if it involves catching a plane and travelling for long hours without break! But then again, hard work brings rewards and the experience will be more than worth it. So the question is are you a traveller or are you a real traveller?

Life is short and if we don’t experience it to the fullest then we end up living for no reason. So before you hit the ‘can’ here is a list of places which you must visit. Hopefully, sooner rather than later! After all, it is much more fun to visit Ibiza when your body is in its prime and not when someone is rolling you down the streets in a wheelchair.

The Taj Mahal

Forget the stories and myths about eternal love and all that. You must visit the Taj Mahal just for the fact that it is a truly mesmerizing place. I kid you not. It is one of those places which will leave a lasting impression in your head and you will end up coming back for a second glimpse. Countless adjectives can be used to describe the place and one cannot trip over an India brochure without seeing the Taj. But photos and words do no justice to this place. Well, what are you waiting for?

Oh and there are a few gruesome stories about the Taj which will make your blood curl but don’t let that deter you. Non nationals have to cough up around $20 dollars for entry but hey, it’s worth it.


The country as a whole is an oddity if ever there was one. Well, from samurais to atomic bombs to beautiful gardens, Japan has seen it all. Not to mention that Tokyo is one of the most advanced cities on earth. It is a country of contrasts and there is a stark contrast between the cities and countryside. The famed Japanese gardens are all over the place and unless you are unlucky enough to land during the time of a earthquake or a tsunami, you will surely have a good time. But then again, you should be careful to avoid some of the tourist traps as well.  Besides, where else can you buy a knife made by knife makers who’s ancestors used to make katanas for the samurai.


Syria seems to be going down the road of Afghanistan and quite frankly this is a path well trodden. Soon nothing might be left in the country and wide spread violence seems to everywhere. So, you must be wondering why Syria is on the list? Well, Syria is one of the oldest places in the world and Damascus is home to a myriad of different alleyways and market. During peace time, it is a place which will capture your imagination and take you back to times gone by. However, unless you are a war correspondent, you probably can’t get into Damascus and it seems like the city is collapsing on itself these days. Keep your fingers crossed.


England is not just about pubs, pints and blood soaked breakfasts. It is one of the most historic places in the world and offers a plethora of castles, palaces, buildings, minsters and cathedrals. Well, if you still aren’t convinced, there are always fish and chips. Who doesn’t like fish and chips right?Nearby countries such as Scotland, Wales and if you are brave enough Ireland are worth visiting as well. But the only problem is that in winter it rains and is extremely cold and in summer it rains and it’s mildly cold. Well, bring your jacket.

The Caribbean

No travel bucket list will be complete without the Caribbean Islands. There are several options to choose from and Jamaica is perhaps the most famous. A laid back lifestyle, plenty of rum and dreadlocks! What’s not to love? Besides that the seafood is rumored to excellent and  you will find everything from lobsters, to conch meat in the Caribbean. If you get a chance to visit during the time of Carivale, you will end up being in a perennial state of drunkenness. Thumbs Up!

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