Newborn Baby care:-The Benefits of baby Massage

For centuries now, new mothers have always been bombarded with advices whether wanted or not. And amongst the hustle bustle of well-wishers, one such advice that remains constant is the suggestion of massaging the new born child. The soothing effects of massage work well when the baby is stroked in a rhythmic circular manner. Haven’t’ massaged you baby yet? Don’t know where to start? Fret not! We provide you all you need to know about massages.

How to massage your child? And what are the benefits?
If your baby has an irregular sleeping schedule and often wakes up cranky then you should definitely try massaging. Opt for a time when the baby is relaxed, preferably before bathing or during the afternoon, and gently use either a moisturizer or oil and carefully start stroking with minimal pressure. Special attention can be given to the legs, hands and the neck region. Majority mothers either hum or talk to the baby during the process to enjoy the experience as well.

Apart from regulating sleeping schedules, massage can do wonders by making your child develop physically and mentally. Remember that when the child is upset, trying to massage him/her will only worsen the situation. But adopting the procedure on a regular basis, preferably at the same time, can make the baby less cranky and fussy in the longer run. The act of massaging also releases oxytocin that magically transports your baby into a state of bliss.

What products to use?
Just knowing how to start is not enough. It is important to know what to start with. There are various products available in the market, but to choose the right one is a mammoth task.
The right choice will not end up ruining the tender skin of your baby. Opt for a coconut oil during summers whose anti bacterial properties will be beneficial incase of rashes and will have a cooling effect. We recommend the Nature’s Paradise Organic Coconut Baby Oil which is praben free and loaded with Vitamin E. Mamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Babies is also bought of the aisle by mothers who personally prefer sesames oil for their child. The ayurvedic properties helps hydrates the skin and provide a glow.
It is even budget friendly

Whereas, during winters, a better alternative would be Almond oil. Karma Ayurveda’s Organic Sweet Almond Oil. It is the perfect choice for baby massages due to sweet almond ripe seeds whose natural properties help soothe damage skin and is extremely absorbent. Dabur’s massage with olive and Almond has also one the hearts of various mothers.Packed with the goodness of Olives and Almond prevent dryness and itching .However, Olive Oil is not suitable for all baby skin. Therefore, before you make it a part of regular schedule, a small amount of oil should be dabbed on the baby’s palm and when there is no breakout of rashes or skin allergies, only then must be freely used.

Massage your baby today….

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