Mysql support view from version 5.x, View features gives the sign of
SQL standard 2003.
View is nothing but a virtual table on based on result set of an MYSQL statement. Its also have rows and column like a real table but the field s in view may be one or more than one tables in the same database. we can apply MYSQL function on view it seems like a single table.

View queries process in two ways:-

* MYSQL support creating a temporary table based on query which makes
the views and then execute the input query on this temporary table

*MYSQL firstly combine the view and input query then executes the

MYSQL also support nested view. In the select statement of view we can
reference to another view.

In a cached enable system view is stored in the cache. As a result performing of query is fast becuase its fetch data from the buffering instead of physical hard disk.

View Display:
SHOW statement is use to display view defined. The syntax is

SHOW CREATE VIEW Databasename.viewname;

Creating View:
view shows latest updated data in the sql query result because database engine recreate data view sql statement.

CREATE VIEW viewname As Select columnnames from tablename ;

CREAT OR REPLACE VIEW viewname AS Select columnames from tablename ;
DROP VIEW viewname;

we can delete a already existing view with DROP VIEW MYSQL query.

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