Should mom go back to work when kids started going school?

Every stay at home mom face changes when their child grows older. They feel the void once the kids started going to school. That’s time for the mom to take a right decision, it is another important and toughest decision like when mom took a decision to stay at home for the family.

After the hiatus, it will be tough for mom to take a decision because it is a common belief among people that mother should spend all their time for the kids but it is also important to take care of oneself, the career will give that. It is very important to ask yourself few question before taking the decision to go to work once kids started going school.

Whether you really want to go to work? Or just because you are bored so to fill the void you want to go for the job.

If it is only because of boredom then there are options like, you can pick up a hobby, join the clubs and associations which have a lot of activities in which you can volunteer and spend some good time. Even your hobby can help you earn money in future. Or if you want to continue your work which was your passion, for which you worked with dedication then you must go for it keeping few things in mind.


The most important thing to keep in mind is Schedule because before kids you are free to do even 10 hours of work a day but once you have kids going to school you must keep in mind the kid’s schedule and your availability or availability of your spouse or someone to take care of kids during your absence.


When you go for 30 hours a week job you may not have time to do all the household work which you have done as a stay at home mom but it will be tough to manage once you start doing work. You must get your partner’s full support and make sure he is ready to divide the load.

The balance:

The job helps you financially but you must also check whether it is worth the time you are spending for. There are freelance works which help mom to keep in touch with their career by working from home or part-time jobs can be preferred. If your job needs your presence full time then you should be able to differentiate and leave the work at work and spend time with your kids once you are at home.

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