Makeup and beauty product for women.

Makeup was initially used to highlight one’s features, but in today’s world with dedicated makeup tutorials on YouTube channels and DIY videos, makeup is the weapon that can not only hide blemishes but can transform the way one looks. If you are still an amateur, fret not!. Below is a list of essentials that will help you start your journey. Get the basics below.

Makeup Essentials

The first item you need to pick of the aisle is Foundation. This item is a must have for your vanity makeup bag is because it evens the skin tone uniformly. A concealor helps reduce under eye blackheads as well as hides blemishes. Generally speaking both have different purposes, but a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream can fulfill the need to be a basic pack on your uneven skin.

Blush/Bronzer Duo
The dynamic duo of Blush and Bronzer will help by adding some color to your cheeks and will occupy less space in your beauty bag! Si it’s a win –win.

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Often undervalued and overlooked item is a highlighter. But possessing one can help illuminate the luscious soft glowing skin and is must learnt trick for overall salon effect.

Eye shadow Palette
Next must have item is an eye palette. For regular use, it’s safe to stick to a nude palette that will easily compliment our routine clothes. However, those who like to be bold or are the mix and match kinds can go for color centric palettes that are a blend of choices between pastel hues and shimmer essentials.

This little guy can add wonders and up the eye makeup game within seconds. A basic black is an essential as it helps elongate our eyelashes and add volume to them simultaneously.

Hey, makeup takes time and patience. The eye game is set on point with the perfect addition of eyeliner that helps enhance our eyes and make them look more attractive and appealing. Ifyou are the fun loving kinds and experimentation is your forte or even a small desire. Then check out Nykka’s range of eyeliners in 11 different shades.

Couple of lipsticks and Gloss
The idea is not to horde lipsticks and glosses that you won’t end up using, but having an alternative to fall back on incase of a desire for novelty or emergency. Adding a color that you generally don’t use on a regular basic but can visualize yourself using, will take care of the novelty desire which might strive up eventually.

Makeup brushes
A bunch of right equipment will boast your makeup ability by adding to the final touches. A set of brushes for lip, eye, primer and highlighter can provide you with the professional look and also familiarize yourself with the technicality and add to your knowledge. At first the brushes can take some time getting use to but with practice, you will be grateful of this investment.

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