What Did You Learn From Previous Relationships?

Relationship is an excellent thing that helps us love our life to the core. Relationship is the only hope for the people to continue living their life at any cost. No matter, whatsoever that life throws at us suddenly, but our relationship is the thing that will still hold us strong and let us get back to the life. We cannot say that, all such relationships will have positing endings. We all might have experienced or at least, we might have come across a failed and unsuccessful relationship in our life. The relationships are like glass, once it is broken, you cannot just like that join the pieces of the broken glass. This is why you people are asked to maintain your relationship in a convincing manner.

learn from previous relationships

The emotions play a vital role in all such relationships, no matter, either be it a friendship or love or marriage or living together. You should not let your emotions perform well than what you do. If you do let your emotions play a better role than you, then you may happen to lose your relationship at times. The emotions like ego, anger, fear, joy, surprise, trust, expectation, sensitivity and more will spoil your relationship if you have not used the emotions properly. I would say that, trust and love are the two important things that every relationship should contain. The lack of these two things will let people hate the relationships.

relationship and childs

You could find that, many people say I hate relationships for no reason. You cannot hate relationships like that and relationship does not always mean the love that raise between a man and woman. Instead, the kind of feelings and emotions we have with our father, mother, brother, sister, friends and other relatives are called as relationships. You cannot let all of them go from your life. Living the life with no relationships is of no use and you could not learn anything when you live alone. You can learn so many good things if you are in a relationship with someone. For example, you will learn how to care and share if you have brothers and sisters.

I hate relationships

You can learn about respecting and giving importance to elders if you have grandmother and grandfather. You can learn about the passion and compassion from your father. You can learn the height of sacrifice from your mother. Likewise, you can learn so many things from your relationships. Do not think that, the successful relationships only could teach you these things. You can as well learn a lot of things from the relationships that have failed or did not work out for you. In this context, we are going to discuss about the things that people can learn from their past relationships.
previous relationships
Lessons You Can Learn From the Past Relationships

Not only the relationship, every failure will teach you lessons of how to do it right for the next time. It is your duty to get the lessons to the point and do not repeat the same things what you have done previously. To help you not commit the same mistakes again in your new relationship, I am explaining below some points about EX relationships facts.

  • First of all, you will get to know about yourself to the core. Yes, when you are getting close to someone, you will come to know about your true personality and dos. Your true personalities will never come out when you spend time with your friends or family people as you have chances to meet them on a regular basis and you do not long to meet them. However, on the other hand, you long to meet your soul mate and want to spend more time with her. This is where you would come to know about the real you. You can get to know what you like, what you like to cherish, the style you have and more.
  • You can be a better communicator. Understanding is an art, not everyone understands everyone just like that. Communication remains the key for a better understanding. It is needless to mention that, a relationship gets hold of two different people with different backgrounds, characters, behaviors and likes. In simple words, every single thing will be different to the two people that are in relationships. Understanding the differences of each of them precisely well paves for a better relationship. Your partner cannot understand you by looking at you. You both have to sit and talk about your differences and how to get rid of that to lead a perfect life.
  • Every relationship will reveal the emotional side of the two persons for sure. The expression and definition of love will vary from one to another. Some people like the soft love and some other people say that, love should be ruthless. You will discover what kind of love will let you feel loved and complete. That is, some people express their love through giving something and some other people will express their love via the time they spend with their partners. You do not mind emotionally beg for the things when you are in love. This is the beauty of the love we should understand.
  • relationships are like glass

  • Of course, you become less selfish when you are in a relationship. Yes, no matter, how you were, but you will strive hard to make your soul mate happy all the time. Giving the selfless love is something that has really no comparison. Everyone in the world is expecting the selfless and immense love from their partners and the relationship will let you afford that just like that.
  • At times, you may have lost your relationship due to lack of trust. You can learn the importance of trusting from your past relationships. Yes, if there is no trust, it means there is nothing to continue. At the same time, breaking the trust of a person will cost you huge loss than you expect. Wife’s previous relationships have spoiled many men’s life.

I hope that, your new relationship will be good.

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