Know how to bathe your newborn

Bathing is a ritual that ensures some quality time for your newborn and you and not to mention, isn’t it fun? However, this routinely activity needs to be done with extreme caution. Don’t forget to read this before its bath time!
Before you actually think of bathing your infant, be sure that you are ready. And by ready, we do imply being physically ready, but you have to arrange all the toiletries that you would need beforehand. Use a plastic bathing tub or a kitchen sink. Farlin Anti Skid Bath Tub is a good option. The transparent tub helps you to keep a tab on the water level and even has a drainage system that makes bathing time hassle free. The sturdy tub is quiet compact.

The next logical tub after setting up the bathing tub is to fill it with Luke warm water. The ideal situation is to first test the water on your hands before filling the tub approximately around 3 – 4 inches. However, if you want to be extra cautious, investing in LCR Hallcrest Baby Bath Tub Thermometer will be the best decision. This 13 x10 cm device measures how hot the water is by displaying a bright red line indicating that the water will probably scald your infant. Therefore, for working moms who might let the water running while multi-tasking another household chore can simply relax and let the device monitor the temperature. The duck print range is the most demanded as it helps to catch your infant’s attention while simultaneously uplifting you’re bathing cabinet’s quirky quotient. In case you are sticking to a clean kitchen sink, make sure the head is not directly under the tap.

Once the water is filled and the water is set to desired temperature, immerse your child feet first in the tub and support the child’s neck with your other hand. At no point should the newborn be left unattended. That’s when the nearby toiletries help. You can use Mothercare – All We Know Baby Body Wash which is not only dermatologist verified but comprises of natural extracts of olive and Chamomile oil. This wash help to create mild lather that helps cover the entire body with minimal use. Though, one can opt for a mild soap. Sebamed Baby Cleanser Baby Bar is another suggestion that new mothers are recently warming to. This sap bar is free from any fatty alcohol, mineral oils and even TFMs .This chemical free soap is expensive as compared to the alternatives but any mild soap that prevents dryness can do the deal. Remember to clean the genitals and areas under all skin folds thoroughly. Once you are satisfied, wrap your newborn in a clean towel and path away excess water. You can finish the bathing ritual by applying a generous amount of Biotique Bio Milk Nurturing Baby Moisture Cream. This cream is loaded with the goodess of almond oil, honey and Seawood, that helps maintain the velvety softness.

Ready for the bathe –time sessions ?

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