Introduction of Javascript

JavaScript was initially used for validating web form.Its use HTML and css for its web document programming. As central nerve system work in human body in the same way JavaScript work with HTML and css as its structure and look respectively.

JavaScript is a part of Ajax(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).which is used fetch data from the server behind the user screen and return data without refreshing the page.Its live example are Facebook and Google.

JavaScript is similar to PHP and c.It work same way with variables,
string ,function, arrays and object.

Advantage of using JavaScript.

1.W3C DOM support.
2.Object and Class.

Disadvantage of JavaScript.

1.Low ranking in search engine result page.
2.Development depend on the browser support.

Here is the example of a basic JavaScript .


<title>This is Java Script Example</title>
<script language=”JavaScript”>
function hellow(){
alert(“This is an alert box”);

<p><b>click here to run your java script example</b></p>
<p><a href=”javascript:hellow()”>Run your JavaScript Program</a></p>



Now , enjoy your first java script function. I will be back  soon  with some more function ,keep visiting.

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