How to Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress

Author profile Photo is one of the most important part of Author profile page.A user can associate a profile photo with their account to make post more specific and informatic. WordPress allow multiple author for the same website so image play a vital role to distinguished easily.It is a good to add a short description of the post author before or after each and every post.

Step by step guide.

1.Create a directory name it as autherphoto,like wp-content/autherphoto.
2.Upload the image of the particular author with his autor id as the name of the image .To know how to get author id see below image.

3.<img src=”<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’) ?>/autherphoto/<?php the_author_ID()?>.jpg” alt=”<?php the_author(); ?>” title=”<?php the_author(); ?>” />

just copy and past this code whereever you want to diplay the image of the auther.

4.To check wether the path is right or wrong.just past into browser window if image appear then you are going in right direction else you check once again all the above instruction .It may be wrong directory path.

For Example:

when you are diplay image of the auther display little more about the author . You can do this way…

Login to Admin panel and goto Administration>Profile >Your Profile.There is a about yourself section. Type something about yourself in the Biographical Info input field. Done!

Hope you like this. Cheers!

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