Hey, First Time Mom: Do you know why you are tired in morning?

The journey from conception to delivery can be quite bewildering and enchanting at the same time. It is full of twists and turns, and can be quite infuriating and confusing. With affection, support and the right frame of mind, these obstacles can be handled. One such phenomenon is the morning fatigue, experienced by pregnant women. This article would help you manage your confusion, and aid you in your journey towards delivering a healthy baby. It explains, in detail, the causes of tiredness in the morning and ways of dealing with it, especially in the first trimester.


The body undergoes a lot of physical changes during pregnancy. These changes can lead the mother to be to feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. An enlarged uterus, and belly, and sore breasts are an illustration of the body changes and the resulting discomfort. This affects the quality of sleep. An expecting woman may lie in bed for 45 to 95 minutes, before she finally finds a position comfortable enough to sleep in. Thus, due to the increased time taken to fall asleep, and unchanging waking up time, you may end up feeling tired and groggy in the morning.

Another reason can be the hormonal changes in the body. During the first few months of
pregnancy, there may be an increase in the progesterone levels in the body. This hormone gives
the illusion of being fatigued. It also leads to frequent urination, which hinders sleep.

Early morning sickness, nausea and hot flashes can also disturb sleep and lead to feel tired and
not well rested in the morning.


The compromised sleep at night can lead the expecting woman to feel irritable and can adversely
affect concentration. It also increases the risk of cesarean delivery. It can also lower immunity,
exposing the mother and the fetus to diseases.


One important solution is to go to bed early. Keeping in mind the importance of sleep during pregnancy, necessary changes in daily schedule have to be made to accommodate at least seven hours of sleep (which means approximately nine hours in bed).

Buying a pregnancy pillow is also a good idea. These pillows are U shaped and help you to sleep comfortably during pregnancy.

Try and stay away from gadgets before sleeping. The screen and brightness levels, delay sleep.
Another way can be replacing bright lights in the washroom with night lamps. Bright light signals the brain that it is time to wake up, and therefore it may be difficult to fall asleep again.
In conclusion, it can be said that the craziness of pregnancy can be handled by understanding the problem, and thinking about easy solutions. It is also important for you to not be very hard on yourself- allow yourself to feel irritable once in a while. It’s all a part of a beautiful process. It is important to speak to your loved ones and solicit advice from experts, if you sense something being terribly wrong.

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