Health & Yoga:10 yoga poses for everyone everyday

Yoga is originated in ancient India and is practiced widely across the world today . Yoga not only increases our physical strength but also contributes in strengthening mental and spiritual growth.
In order to spread the awareness and overall benefits of yoga, our Prime Minister Narendera Modi suggested at the UN assembly that yoga be given a special day for the welfare of mankind . So on the first time in history 21st june 2015 World Yoga Day is observed across the world and has since been celebrated annually all over the world.

Major benefits of YOGA in everyday life

Benefits of yoga is numerous but here we are discussing some simple yoga workout that is 10 yoga poses for everyday everyone. Try these simple 10 Yoga Asanas in your daily routine and discover the physical, mental and spiritual change in yourself.

10 Yoga poses to do everyday :

1.Stand Side Bend

Lengthen your spine and tight your back by moving sideways in new direction:

By putting your feet and legs together stand tall and reach both arms straight up overhead as you inhale . Exhale as you lengthen the left hand overhead bending the body to the right and lower your right arm down to the right side of the body. Inhale to return arms overhead to center and exhale repeating on the left hand side .

2.Downward Dog Posture:
Stretch the back side of body , back, hamstring, calves and achilles.
Begin with a kneeling position with hands under the shoulders and widen your feet.
Tucking the toes under and engage the abdominal as you push the body up off your yoga mat so as your feet and hands are on the mat only. Press your hand on the mat, move the chest towards the thigh and heels towards the floor.

3.Up Dog/Cobra Posture:
Raise your chest and the front of the shoulders for better posture. Lying the face down on the mat with head slightly lifted and hands under the shoulder. Put your toes pointed so as the top of your feet are only on the mat. Press your hands on the mat exhale and raising your body on your toes and legs up off the ground until arms are straight.

4.Crescent Leg:
Lenghten your spinal cloum and open tight hip flexors .In a standing position step the toe of your left foot back on the mat and feet slightly wider from one another. Both Raise arm straight overhead by bending the right knee to 90 degree. Relax your shoulder while reaching up and lightening the back leg hold for 30 second and then switch sides.

5. Cat Posture:
By relieving back tight maintain your spinal flexibility ,Start on your hands and knees keeping hands under shoulders and put your knees under your hips. Begin with your spine in a long position and slowly tuck your tailbone then lower the crown of head so as your back rounds. Keeping the spine up and by holding the stretch breathe gently.

6.Cow Posture:
By maintaining spinal flexibility relieve your back tight.Start posturing with your hands under the shoulder and knees directly under the hips. Place your spine in a long position and raise your chest and tailbone so as the back curves downwards. Focus on raising do not press the back downwards. Looking upward with relaxed neck breathe naturally.

7.Pigeon Posture:
By lying on your back with open hips and lower back form a pigeon posture .Form a plank position by tightening the abdominal and pulling the right knee towards the right hand then place the right foot close to your left hand as much as you can. Keeping the back leg long and the hips even so as to relax your weight through the middle of your hips. Hold your breathe for 30 seconds.Then step back into plank posture and switch sides.

8. Happy Baby posture:
In this pose open your groin , inner thighs and lower back. Start to form posture by lying on the back and hold your thumb toe with index and middle fingers. Place your toes down by pulling the knees towards the shoulders with stretched elbows and knees open.Hold breathe for 30 seconds relax.

9.Yogi Squat Posture:
This posture has been called the Pose of youth.Open the hip flexors by keeping hips joint movable.This pose will keep you moving and walking like a youth person.Starting on your feet adapt the position in which the knees are bent and upper body is brought forward and down with your tailbone between ankles and hands in prayer position at your chest.Pressing your hands together in the mean while press your elbows against your inner thighs.Hold your breathe for 30 seconds by maintaining the pose.

10. Windshield wiper posture:
Starting with your back and bent knees ,flat your feet on the floor with arms stretched out on both sides.Then lower the knees to the left side of your body placing on the mat and gaze right side and breathe.Slowly pull the knees back to the start position, then lower your knees to the right side of your body placing on the mat and gaze left side and breathe.

Stretch external hips, lower back and relieve sciatica.

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