Aging can take a toll on one’s skin with wrinkles and fine lines. With hectic schedules and limited personal time premature aging is not a rare site. Have you noticed the lack of glow? Or the new lines on your face? But worry not. There is still a lot that can be done! Take action now…

With the right amount of nutrition, food intake and skin care, the signs of aging can be dodged effectively. Most of the common tricks is well known to majority of us, nonetheless, hardly few of us follow through. Therefore, the secret to youthful skin is keeping the beauty regime simple with emphasis on right kind of food intake.

Make antioxidants your friend.
Antioxidants are the weapon that can fight against wrinkle formulation by reducing the amount of inflammation of cells. Therefore, incorporate variety of antioxidant rich food item like berries especially blueberries, raspberries and acai berries as well as purple grapes, nuts and spinach. A cup of organic green tea a day can also do the trick.

Squish your Pores
Salicyclic Acid helps getting rid of the excess oils that accumulates in our pores. As one age, these pores remain expanded despite the absences of dirt and gunk. Therefore, opt for a cleanser high in salicyclic acid, like the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser or L’oreal Paris Go 360 Deep Cleanser.

Plenty of water intake
Large amount of water helps purify your bloodstream. 5 to 6 liters of water on a daily basis help reduce breakout of achne, energize our muscles, maintain normal bowel movement and help our kidneys to get rid of the toxins efficiently.

Don’t forget the Sunscreen
Long exposures in the sun can cause pigmentation and tanning. To maintain a youthful skin, apply ample amount of sunscreen, usually SPF 15 and above on all exposed body parts. If exposure to the sun can be avoided, then limit it as UV rays are harmful.

Don’t Smoke and Don’t Drink
Taking care starts with emphasis on correct functioning of our body parts. Smoking causes damage to elastin and our collagen and alcohol consumption can speedy the skin sagging progress. Thus, for a youthful skin some wise decisions are required to be made. If complete avoidance is not possible, then limiting consumption is the second best alternative

Go Natural
Various toxin induced beauty products do little to maintain our youthful skin. Its best to use normal kitchen ingredients from time to time make oneself a pack. A slice of potato, orange peel, Cucumber soaked in cold water, papaya seeds, curd with tinge of turmeric, honey and milk and various other products can help lighten and brighten our skin.The natural glow of the skin is also restored. However, one needs to be aware of any skin allergies beforehand or should apply a small amount of the pack on the back of your hand and wait for irritation, swelling or any other signs before applying on the face.

Be a radiant youthful you by following these steps!
What are you waiting for now?
The secret is all yours….

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