First Anniversary Gift to your Loving wife

First anniversary is very special for married couple so put in some thoughts and make it memorable. Get amazing anniversary gift ideas here for your wife.
Anniversaries are to celebrate your life together. Remembering those amazing and special memories together and cherishing it. She would have planned something special and even you should too. We have amazing ideas for you to choose from for your first anniversary gift.

Your loving wife was always there for you through thick and thin. So, she deserves a special, romantic and best gift. Gift her something so special that will surely make her fall in love with you again. Check out the below options for the first wedding anniversary gifts for your loving wife.

  • Jewellery – Diamonds are girls’ best friend. Add a new piece of jewellery to her collection. You can get her an earrings, necklace, ring, watch etc. You can get down on your knees and give her the diamond ring. This will make her feel special and she will love the ring also.

  • Romantic dinner – Plan a special date night for her. Both of you will get a alone time together to talk about your love and spend time together. Take her to her favourite restaurant or plan for a candle-light dinner. Even better if you cook for her. So, wear your master chef hat and cook her favourite meal, it will make her heart melt. Make it even more perfect by setting up the table, playing her favourite song and cooking her favourite dish.
  • Holiday package – Surprise her by planning a trip together. Plan a trip to her favourite place or any place from past where you had the best time. This is a perfect gift if both of love to travel. Taking a vacation will give you both an opportunity to spend quality time together. It’s a best way to take a break from day to day work and relax. This moment will make you relive your honeymoon period.

  • Write a letter – It is said that on first anniversary you should gift something made from paper. Though the tradition has changed but you can still write a letter for her. Write something that will touch her heart. You can make it even more romantic by giving the message in a bottle. Writing her a letter is most personal and touching gift for her.
  • Personalised cushions – This is unique gift idea for her. Express you love and affection to her by selecting the best pic together and getting a personalised cushions. You can keep it on your bed and every day she will fall in love more and more. It will display the love you share for each other.
  • Send flowers to her workplace – She will love to receive a bouquet with fresh flower. This sweet gesture will make her feel extra special and she will definitely jump with joy. You can add a sweet note to it, which will make her blush. Send her these amazing red roses; you can add a box of chocolates as well from the given options.
  • Hand-made gifts – Surprise her by giving her something unique and creative. It’s time to show your skills. You can use paper Mache technique to make crafts from paper and show your love. Check out tutorial videos to learn new ideas. We are sure your efforts will not be waste one you gift to her. You can give her a handmade greetings card as well.
  • Personalised wall clock – There are lot of personalised stuffs you can get for her like mug, photo frame, T-shirts and many more. Getting her a clock is the best as it will symbolise that how much it means to you the time you have spent together. This will look great on the wall of your room. She will see the image of both the two of you every day and be delighted to have you by her side.

Your first anniversary is the best anniversary and the gift really means a lot. So choose one of the best gift for her that she will remember always. Hope by now you will get amazing wedding gift ideas for your loving wife here.

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