Does Economic Empowerment Of Women Reduce Doestic Violence.?

Women empowerment refers to the condition of women in society in which they have given all
possible rights and the opportunity to develop abilities inside their personality .
It is the situation of women in social which determines the independency of women to take any
decision of their life by their own ideas.
About 50% of the world population are women but still in most of the countries the women are
dependent on men for each and every decision and their need. This is why women
empowerment is needed.
From earlier times in every religion women are worship as source of power of society but on the
other hand they are also criticised by our society which has obstructed their growth.

In past, women are not treated equally like men,they were forced to remain untouched with their
basic rights like education which had made them handicapped.
Due to this lackness of educational background the women are not able to explore themselves
in the field of economy. They become so much dependant on men for their financial need.
The economic growth of women is possible only when they get good exposure to the field of
A good education not only refines their personality but also give them several opportunities
ahead to settle themselves in the field of jobs.which directly enhances the economic
empowerment of women.
It make them self dependent and build their internal confidence to achieve something big in their
life .

Government’s initiatives like “ BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO “ is a very nice example of it
which has drawn a different picture in the society regarding the education of girls in India . But
we should keep on doing our efforts to improve it more because the condition of girls education
in rural places are still not very good. The inequality still exists between a boy and girl on the
basis of education.
The different way of misbehaviour with any individual by their family members or the relatives in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation is termed as domestic violence.
Violence due to intimate partner as committed by spouse , violence against children, elderly
and may be done for self defense are some of the examples of it. Women’s society are suffering from domestic violence from a very long time.The women are regularly get harassed by their
family and relatives . They are exploited for the personal benefits by the person who is willing to show supremacy over them.

The women domestic violence can be categorised as:
PHYSICAL ABUSE – It can range from subtle to coercive forms marital rape to violent physical abuse like beating, choking, female genital mutilation and acid throwing that
results in disfigurement or death.
2. MENTAL TORTURE – The mental torture involves many violences like providing
unhealthy behaviour , abusing to the women, forcing to do what that the woman is not
willing to do.
3. EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILING -As the women are emotional and sentimental. So the
woman get harassed on the criteria of emotions . Making them emotional fool to full fill
personnel need is also a type of domestic violence.
4. ECONOMIC ABUSE – The most familiar abuse in which a woman is not getting any
economic help by her family. She get regularly exploited if she demands for her need
like for medical issues . The common examples are dowry deaths, bride burning .

Reproductive abuse includes the sexual torture of women. If a woman get forced to get
physical by his husband is the best example of it .The torture of women for the fetal
death is also a violence that a woman is facing in the society.
● The economic empowerment make women stable for their financial needs ,self dependent which reduce the chances of economic abuse.
● The good educational exposure to girls will create awareness and strength in them to fight with the social edictions like dowry system and fetal death .
● The economic growth of women also helps to improve the financial conditions of family. The woman also become capable to take care of her father ,mother and her relatives without getting dependent on her husband.
● It reduces the practice of discrimination against women as a tradition. Both women and men will be treated equally in the social . This phenomenon directly reduce the domestic violence.
● It generates the leadership qualities in women. The women get good opportunities in the
field of politics , media and other fields of their growth.The purpose of women empowerment is achieved only when the women gone pàas through these fields.
● Uneducated women are made self employed in their home with handcrafting skills which
has improved their conditions economically. The government is also contributing to enhance them in this sector .

● The purple ribbon symbolise the awareness about domestic violences among the
social.The women’s day celebrated every year on 8’th March for the awareness of the
world to the concept of women empowerment.
● Empowering women through income and wealth reduces the likelihood of them
becoming victims of domestic violence.
● The best way to end violence against women and girls is to prevent it from happening by
finding its root and structural causes.
The cureness starts early by educating and working with young boys and girls
promoting respectful relationships and gender equality.
● A woman with stronger inheritance rights or higher incomes may be more likely to marry
a non-abusive spouse.
● The report from IHDS a nationally representative survey covering 41,554 households in
1,503 villages and 971 urban neighbourhoods across India. The survey held in
2004-2005 provides a genuine data about issues relating to domestic violence and
women’s earnings and employment. The survey is about of leaving home without
notifying him, failing to pay a dowry, neglecting household responsibilities, not cooking
meals that are up to standard.
The data concludes strongly empowering women through income and wealth reduces the
chances that they will become a victim of domestic violence.
● Government has started some startups programs with the help of different NGOs like
handcrafting business for the uneducated women of rural areas for their economic
growth. It is the best way to utilise their skills and making them independent for their
financial need .

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