Method to use CSS3’s text styling Properties

Though CSS3 is not supported by all the browser now a days yet, many web-developers have started using some of its technique provided by CSS3. When its combine with HTML,JavaScript its become a flash killer , it produce such a power that it overtake the flash.

Styling Text
Though print has gone out of date now but giving a more valuable contribution to the web world in terms of typography are invaluable.CSS3 have made an attempt to bridge some of these gaps by introducing downloadable fonts,text-shadow,mufti-column layouts,text shadow.

Fonts to download
The web have limited font option.To look website good we usually target the  lowest common and go with simple basic fonts.After downloadable font was introduce with a very little CSS we can achieve a good result.


font-family: Handwriting; src: url(‘HandwritingDakota.ttf’);


handwriting {
font-family: ‘Handwriting’;

Text Shadow style
In website designing ,If the requirement is to render some text shadow then as usual you will go to Photoshop type some text and make shadow effect there and then import it web to be used in website design.Now if you are using CSS3 then you won’t have to go with that long process.Here is syntax for text shadow css3 property.

text-shadow: H-offset V-offset blur shadow_color;
Lets have a sample of the CSS3 Code that can be use to create it.

text-shadow: 4px 4px 3px #444;

Text shadow property does not work in internet explorer 9 but it is fine  for all other browser and have vital role in website designing.

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