A Complete Guide to Buying Clothes Online

Everyone loves to shop and gifting themselves a new pair of shoes, clothes, accessories etc. The easiest way to shop is online, sitting in your pajamas and not leaving your house. But don’t you get disappointed when you order something and it is not up-to your expectation or size doesn’t fit? Don’t worry; we have a complete guide to buying clothes online. Follow the below tips and tricks for buying clothes online.

Shopping tips

Research about the quality of material – It is very important to know about the fabric and texture of the cloth. Just by looking at the picture you might not be able to be familiar with the texture of the dress. Look in your wardrobe and check the tag for the material that you love wearing and the material that makes you feel uncomfortable and itchy. Read about the material online and do some research.

Know your size – When you buy from a store you have the option to try the outfit but that option is not available when you shop online. Plus different brands have different size charts. Don’t worry we have a solution on how to choose the right size online. You can measure your clothes and measure the chest, shoulder, arms and hip. Depending on the clothes that you buy take out clothes accordingly like for Kurti or dress measure a dress that is fitting or for sweatshirt measure something that is loose. Compare this size with the online size guide.

Read the customer reviews – It is very important to know what other customers have experienced and have to say about the same clothes. Photos and the description by seller may be deceiving. Customer’s reviews are mostly honest since they give real perspective. You will get a better idea about the material, quality, size and other information of the product.

Read the policies carefully – Even after following all the tips, you may get disappointed with the product. It is better to read about the return policy of the product carefully. Make note of the points like free return, how long it takes to return, exchange policy, or can you return in store or is there any restocking fees. Keep the receipt safe for return.

Price of the product – The most important part of online shopping is to know your budget. Compare the price of the dress that you like on various websites and check for any discount coupons. Same dress may be available at different prices on different websites. Also, various websites offer different sales and discounts codes. Check for any shipping/ delivery cost.

Brands – Everyone has a love or inclination towards few brands or websites. But you should not limit your options and try new brands. Ask others for their opinion or experience with the brand. Try a piece and check the fitting and size in any store before buying online. Also, try ordering from different website where you might have a better and new experience. But make sure you read about their policies before placing an order.

Be flexible – Be prepared to see a bit of a difference in the colour, size or texture of the dress. What you see on screen may or may not be the same. If it doesn’t match your expectation, return it back. In case the size is small, you’re left with no option but to return it. But if it is large and it can be altered go to your neighbourhood tailor and get it altered, if you like the dress.

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