Basic of PHP

PHP is most popular and widely used scripting language.It is used to create web pages.Its represent the content in dynamic form.

Web server is essential to run PHP script which work behind the screen and send the result to the viewer.The viewer does not know which script is used to produce the result page.

Although PHP is a simple open source scripting language but it comes with a long list of extensive features.which  allow it to be used in thousand of different ways to enhance the website function and look as well.These uses include :-

Solving Mathematical problems.
Displaying my formats of date
Sending e-mail to friends and family members.
Sending details to website owner through filling web form.
Counting the visitor to your website.
Saving data to database for further use.
Creating e-commerce website.
Editing and creating image.
Online payment gateway.
Connecting friend through social media etc.

PHP is open source software free to everyone can be installed on many webservers. Php contributed a lots in website design and development.

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