As every language have its own syntax how it can be written .Syntax is nothing but a set of rules that define how MYSQL understand. let us assume some body wrote first sentence left next sentence top and so on. Since he is not following the correct syntax so it is doubtful that anyone would read and understand it.My SQL is not different to from other language that follow a specific syntax.

MYSQL is easy to read ,write and understand .It make sence as long as user have English language understanding.

It is a good habit to use Capital letter for Reserve word while writing MYSQL query.It helps to separate the reserve words and also make the code more obvious at one look.

See the example below :

SELECT * FROM employee;

select * from employee;

Both the line display the same result but only first separate reserve words at look .So i will suggest to use first rest goes to you . You can follow anyone of the form while website development .

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