Is Apple Becoming a Target for Malware?

Apple used to advertise itself as a perfectly Malware free platform. There was a famous suggestion of it – get Mac because it is far much better in providing security than Windows. But, that seems to become a history now.

Hackers have started to seriously target Apple Inc. products – Mac, iOS, and now even Apple App Store. Apple users now need to implement their own security strategy, it seems, as all platforms are increasingly becoming target of hackers.

Traditionally, for obvious reasons, Mac users used to pride themselves for having a powerful and secure platform. There were hardly any Malware attacks at the time when Windows were becoming a safe haven for hackers.

There were quite few Mac users previously and moreover majority of them used to be security conscious. But, as more and more people started to use the platform and, like Windows, they started to click on anything coming before them during browsing; it came under the radar of hackers.

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