Amazing traditional hairstyles for ladies of india

Planning to change your look? How about trying a new hair colour? Yes, changing your hair colour
DOES transform your look. Originally what started as a cosmetic practice to cover grey or white hair is now associated to fashion trends. 2017 was all about some bold hair transformations. The social media went gaga over hashtags like #redhead, #mermaidhair, #unicornhair, #silverhead, etc. Many celebs, TV show (Game of Thrones) and social media personalities set some serious hair goals.
new hair colour
Traditionally hair colour was applied as one overall. Today a modern trend of using different colours to create streaks and gradations is followed. This can be achieved by various off-scalp techniques like highlighting, lowlighting and ombré. These techniques require different methods of application. Foiling, cap, balayage and dipping or tip dyeing can be used for any colour type. When solid level of coverage is required, on-scalp methods like root touch-up, all over colour and block colouring are used.

Hair colouring can be permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent and temporary.
But doesn’t hair colouring damage our original hair? Isn’t it harmful for our scalp skin? I am sure you too must be having these doubts. Honestly, yes it does damage your hair to some extent. But to our relief some well known brands have launched ammonia free colours and natural dyes. You can always opt for these hair colours to save your hair from damage. And to avoid scalp skin issues, make sure the colour makes no contact with your scalp. This will keep your hair roots safe and healthy.

So ladies stop worries…Go bold and stay beautiful!

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